Period Cup Large (L) by The Hello Cup

Period Cup Large (L) by The Hello Cup


Our large Hello Cup is a good choice for women over 35 years old. For further sizing information click on the link below.

The Hello Cup is a complete game changer when it comes to your period.

  • made in New Zealand

  • easier

  • cheaper

  • reusable for years

  • planet friendly

  • holds way more than tampons

  • comfortable


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The Hello Cup comes in three sizes – XS (extra small) S/M and L.

Working out what size you are can be tricky – we are all so different! The Hello Cup XS is slightly smaller and softer than the S/M. It is designed specifically for younger users, especially teens but it’s also a great choice for petite users or those who prefer a ‘mini’ tampon. Our most popular, ‘one size fits most’ is the S/M. As a rule of thumb we recommend the S/M for women who are under 35. Fit women often find the S/M is best for them regardless of age and whether they’ve had children.  The L is a good choice if you have given birth, are over 35 years old. Sometimes it’s a case of trial and error. For example, if your S/M Hello Cup is opening but you get leakage, you might need to go up a size. On the other hand if you find your L won’t open – you might need to go down a size. If you are unsure of size, we recommend getting one regular + either XS or L to help take the guess work out of things. Many women find they can wear both sizes so opt for the smaller sized Hello Cup on light days and the larger one on heavy days.

The diameter of the XS is 38mm and the overall length including the toggle is 57mm. It holds 17.5ml (to the holes).

The diameter of the S/M is 41mm and the overall length, including the toggle, is 59mm. It holds 21mls (to the holes).

The diameter of the L is 45mm and the overall length, including the toggle, is 64mm. It holds 28ml (to the holes).

Drop us a line if you have any questions about sizing – or