Reusable Mesh Produce Bags by Kappi Life

Reusable Mesh Produce Bags by Kappi Life

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Fed up of using those silly single use plastic bags in the supermarkets, just so you can buy some nuts and seeds? Or maybe you don’t want to put all your plastic free, loose tomatoes into a plastic bag…. Then these are for YOU!

I was getting so fed up of hunting around the supermarkets just to find the paper mushroom bags for ALL of my plastic free produce. So when I started using these it literally changed my life (NO JOKE) or at least my shopping experience that’s for sure!

Get YOURS now!

Our reusable produce bags are perfect for a wide-range of produce. They can hold upwards of 15 apples, enough tomatoes for a big batch of Napoli sauce, or your whole week's supply of spinach and leafy greens.

Kappi reusable produce bags are your perfect grocery shopping companion - and they don't cost the planet.


- 3 x Reusable Organic Cotton Produce Bags


- 30 x 40 cm

- Organic cotton - no toxic chemicals making contact with your produce.

- Machine Washable


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Are these reusable produce bags large enough to hold all my fruit and veggies?

Yes! The bags are 30x40cm and expand slightly when filled. We eat a lot of veggies during the week and are yet to max out the capacity of the bags. Think 15 apples, a whole head of lettuce or a heap of loose-leaf spinach. These bags have you covered.


Are these produce bags washable?

Definitely, though take care to wash in cold water otherwise they can shrink slightly. Although after a few uses they stretch back to normal.


How many reusable produce bags would you need for a typical shop?

It depends on how many fruit and vegetables you eat during the week. As vegetarians we eat a lot of fruit and veggies and typically do one large shop per week. We have found 6 reusable bags meet all of our needs.

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