'Unpaper' Towels by SustainaBLAH

'Unpaper' Towels by SustainaBLAH


These ‘unpaper’ towels by SustainaBLAH are literally amazing. Let’s stop cutting down trees and actually use materials that we already have.

These are such a great swap for kitchen roll, face flannels, or they are even a great alternative to using disposable baby wipes (bum, face, hands). They make great cleaning wipes and come in a pack of x 3 (each a different print).

Get yours now and save the trees!

Made in New Zealand form 100% cotton flannelette. They’re super soft and very absorbent.


To use, simply soak in a liquid solution or spray with liquid spray of your choice

Washing Instructions: warm wash with similar colours. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Expect some shrinkage if tumble dried.

Each individual cloth is approx 25cm x 30cm

Made in New Zealand


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