Natural Body Bronzer by Be + Humble NZ

Natural Body Bronzer by Be + Humble NZ


Whiti - Natural Body Bronzer

No nasties chemicals

100% Natural Body Bronzer. Just because you want to feel like you live in the sun all year round, doesn’t mean to need to cover your body in chemicals. This amazing body bronzer by Be + humble is made out of all natural ingredients in New Zealand.


A Nourishing Bronze Body oil that will give you a subtle shimmer!!  

This won’t make your skin Bronze it will give you the most subtle shimmer in natural sunlight, want dewy skin? This is the body oil for you!! 


100mls - Glass Bottle - keep lid away from small children 



Kawakawa Oil

Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Organic Safflower Oil

Vitamin E oil

Bronze + Gold Mica 



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