Wild Thing Hand Soap by Fair + Square Soapery

Wild Thing Hand Soap by Fair + Square Soapery


This may just be my all time favourite soap by Fair + Square. It actually smells incredible. Lucky for me it also works great as a body soap. I mean who doesn't love the smell of peppermint + lavender right!?!

This is 100 million % the soap that dreams are made of. The perfect soap for having in that guest bathroom, or simply just keeping by your kitchen sink so you can give it a good old smell every time you walk past! Or cut a slice off and hang in a muslin bag in your car, the scent will last for ages and you will always have an emergency bar of soap if needed on the road!


An invigorating, aromatic and fresh scrubby soap, perfect for gardeners (labourer/mechanic) hands.  Although this is designed for your hands, it is a great body soap for those who enjoy a good scrubbing! 


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Ingredients: saponified oils of; coconut, olive, ricebran, shea butter, cocoa butter, castor & avocado; Northland rain water; corn grits; ground pumice; green clay; white kaolin clay; therapeutic grade essential oils of; peppermint & lavender.