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If you’re looking towards living a plastic free life then you have come to the right place. Ethically So. (based in New Zealand) is an online destination where you can find all your favourite sustainable goodies in one place. No need to jump from shop to shop, we’re making living a sustainable life easy!

Fight for sustainability

Fight for sustainability

Our focus is on making your sustainable journey an easy one. We want our customers to shop responsibly. All our products are naturally sustainable, reusable, locally sourced or plastic free. We are on a mission to make living a waste free life the normality. We need to think about where our products come from and how they end up in our hands.

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Our Founder

Ethically So.

Founder Annie Shaw set up this online destination for sustainable products after travelling the world for three years.

Whilst on her travels she saw the impact our addiction with plastic was having on not only the environment, the marine world, but also us as human beings.

"People need to be aware of where their products come from and where they end up”

After finally settling for a while in New Zealand she felt she needed to do something to make a difference. Living a sustainable life wasn’t quite as easy for her in New Zealand as it was when she lived in Byron Bay, Australia. So Annie decided to do something to change this.

Presenting Ethically So.

An online destination which focuses around making living a sustainable life easy.

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