Naturally Sustainable

Naturally Sustainable

Ethically So. focuses on bringing YOU naturally sustainable products. We’re on a mission to make living an eco-friendly life normality

Introducing Ethically So.

Introducing Ethically So.

Welcome to Ethically So.

I guess it’s about time I explained who we are and why we are here right!?!

Ethically So. is an online store supporting local, sustainable products. Our aim is to making living a sustainable life easy for all. We are teaming up with an amazing community of brands whose focus is around that of being local, sustainable and ethical. We will be stocking these brands all in one place which means you don’t need to trek around a million shops, but you can just come straight here to Ethically So. and get all your house hold essentials in one place.


Meet Annie

Hey Guys, I’m Annie the founder of Ethically So. I want to share with you my journey and explain how Ethically So. began.

It all started when I moved down to London at 18. It was here that I met some of my best friends and we discovered that there was a lot of information that we were not conscious about. We started looking more into how out actions were effecting the planet, and what we could do about it.

It was at around this stage that I dropped meat out of my diet. I felt I was doing my bit and I just kind of got on with life. Of course the more we researched the more we realised we could be doing. For me it just wasn’t the right place or time to make more changes. So I continued my life as normal just minus the meat part.

Let’s Explore

Fast forward to 2016 after I finished Uni. My partner and I headed off to travel around the world, starting in South East Asia. It was here that my eyes were really opened. I saw how much of an addiction we have to plastic consumption as a society. I saw the effects it was having on our planet and I knew I needed to do something about it.

I saw children playing in piles of plastic. People living amongst it, and our oceans and waterways clogged with it. We went scuba diving and saw how global warming was bleaching the coral and effecting the marine life. We saw the colours of the ocean disappearing in front of our eyes.

We saw the colours of the ocean disappearing in front of our eyes
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Moving to Australia

After Asia we moved to Melbourne. Apart being slightly more conscious about what I was consuming and buying not much really changed. It was easy to go back to the Western world and put what I had seen in the back of my mind. We had seen and done so much in Asia that my mind didn't really process it all. I guess it probably seemed easier to hide from the scary truth than try and fix it all in one go.

I started blogging for a sustainable activewear company and educating others of the problems of fast fashion. The more I researched the more I wanted to spread the word. This definitely became and outlet of everything that I has seen in Asia, it was a way for me to speak.

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Byron Bay

When we moved to Byron Bay, Australia I made a decision to become vegan (which was surprisingly easy). I started blogging for another sustainable company and spent my days shopping locally, plastic free and living the slow life in the slow lane, and spending my days on the beach.

New Zealand

Our next stop was Auckland, let me tell you it was a bit of a shock to the system. I arrived in the country doing Plastic Free July and found it so hard to live a plastic free life in comparison to when I was in Byron Bay. Byron Bay is a sustainable paradise in comparison to Auckland.

Which is one of the reasons I decided now was the time. I’m on a mission to make living a sustainable life easy for everybody.

It’s Time!

Ethically So. has been an idea in the back of my head since 2016. It has just never been the right time or place. We have been on the move since then, and New Zealand is the first place we have had a visa for over a year. Which means NOW is the time!

There is so much potential here in NZ for sustainability to be available to everybody. It just needs a little push, and so I’m on a mission to join the community and help make change.

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Welcome to Ethically So.

If you have got this fare through reading then you definitely deserve a discount code. Thank you for supporting me and my dreams.


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Love Annie xxx

Low Waste and Ethically Sourced (So.)

Low Waste and Ethically Sourced (So.)