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Plastic Free July | Two weeks to Go!

Plastic Free July | Two weeks to Go!

Don’t run away from problems, run them over - Collective Leigh

Drop Single Use Plastic

With less than two weeks to go, Plastic Free July is rapidly approaching. Do I feel organised no… and that’s coming from somebody who bases their life around low waste… but that’s ok! It’s ok to feel scared or even a little bit intimidated. The idea of living for a whole month without single use plastic can be daunting that’s for sure. It’s 2019 and pretty much our whole lives revolve around the use of plastic. Scary hey!?!

This will be my second year in a row doing Plastic Free July. Not because I use a lot of plastic, but simply because I feel like it’s always good to test your self. Change doesn't happen if it doesn’t challenge you. I’m not perfect, and on the rare occasion I will buy something in a plastic bottle or I will forget to be organised and end up taking a Tupperware box home from work (obviously I’ll reuse it).

Change doesn't happen if it doesn’t challenge you

The Plan of Action

Tip #1 - When it comes to avoiding plastic is to be super organised and plan ahead. Make sure you know what your plan for the day is. Be ready with your straw, bag, keep cup, moon cup, bamboo cutlery, have it all ready to go (just in case of a plastic emergency).

Tip #2 - Be willing to change. When I did plastic free July last year I had just moved from Byron Bay, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand. I was finding it so much harder to find plastic free alternatives. It wasn’t until I decided to do a little bit of exploring and found an amazing little Asian supermarket on my way to work that it got a little easier. I had to go out of my way to get to the Asian supermarket, but that was ok because all my fruit and veg wasn’t covered in plastic

Tip #3 - Meal Prep. Having two other jobs, Ethically So. is currently my side hustle. This means I’m super busy ALL the time. Which is why for me its super important to have my meals planned and ready to go. Not only for my health (I will pig out on chocolate if my food isn’t ready ASAP), but also so that I avoid getting take aways or ready meals. This is literally a win-win situation

Change One Challenge

Change One Challenge is simple. It’s an amazing way to keep your self accountable when it comes to making ethical changes. You start by choosing one thing to change in the month of July, that allows you to reduce, reuse or recycle. Make a pledge on the Change One website. By making a pledge you are setting yourself a goal, that you will stick to thanks to the help of joining a community of change-makers. You can make a pledge as an individual, family or business.

Through making a pledge you will not only get access to hundreds of tools and an abundance of information, but you will also gain access to discount codes from over 20 amazing sustainable companies based in New Zealand.

Check it out here so you don’t miss out!

Baby Steps | Plastic Free July

Whatever you are doing to make a difference it counts. Please remind yourself not to feel guilty! This is something I struggle with, I always feel like I could be doing more. Sometimes you have to remember that the fact you are doing anything is amazing.

Ethically So. focuses on supporting amazing Low Waste New Zealand brands. Please check out our collection page. We have lots of amazing products that could really make a difference to your lives and that of the planets.

Love Annie



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