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On The Road Again | How to Avoid Single Use Plastic

On The Road Again | How to Avoid Single Use Plastic

The Struggle is Real

I'm currently sat here looking out of the window at the incredible mountains surrounding me in Kaikoura. We have just been on a shopping trip with my partners family, and it seems to be so much harder to avoid single-use plastic when other people are around.

Since we left the UK to go travelling almost 3 years ago, I have kind of got used to it being just Jake & I. It’s easy enough to plan your own routine and make sure that you go to the supermarkets you want to go to. I buy what I want, and don’t have to worry about other peoples needs or wants. Which is why I’m kind of struggling a bit now that it’s not just Jake & I.

There are definitely ways to make it easier to avoid single-use plastic though. I wanted to share them with you so that you can be super prepared for your next trip. Preparation is key!


Preparation is key!

My Saving Grace

Before we left for our 3 week South Island, New Zealand trip, I carefully thought about the essentials I would need to take with me to avoid too much plastic consumption. These products have literally been my saving Grace which is why I wanted to share them with you:

Stainless Steal Reusable Straw - might sound strange, but the black ones of these are super cool!

Ethically So. Water Bottle

Sol Keep Cup - Coffee is life! - I’m working on getting coffee cups but it might be a little while off :(

Kappi Bamboo Cutlery

Kappi Spaghetti Bag

Fair + Square Shampoo Bar - This literally smells incredible, and is great for travelling with

Bathe Alchemy Conditioner Bar (Hydrate) - (COMING SOON)

SustainaBlah Reusable Razor + Blades - I have the Rose/Gold and it’s sooo beautiful <3

The Hello Menstrual Cup

I am Eva Period Pants - (COMING SOON)

Tooth Tabs - (COMING SOON)

Eco Bamboo Toothbrush

B. Bold Natural Deodorant - (I use Bergamot & Cedar, it’s amazing!)

Ama Zinc Pot - please comment below if you would like me to stock these.

Vegan Ama Balm which is epic for healing cuts/after sun/cracked hands

Raw Nature Lip Butter (I’m obsessed with Vanilla Bee)

The Good Source Make-up Pad (only water needed, no chemicals required)

Beeswax wraps to store my soap + shampoo bars whilst I travel

Eco Store Body Wash Bar (similar to Spice Trader from Fair + Square Soapry)


What Jake took:

SustainaBLAH Reusable Razor (Charcoal/Silver)

Bathe Alchemy Beard Balm - (COMING SOON)

Cut throat Razor - Please comment below if you are interested in me stocking these

Maxwell & McIntyre Toothpaste (coconut oil)

Bamboo Toothbrush

+ we shared soap and shampoo/conditioners



To Add to my List

I totally wish I had bought some smaller mesh produce bags with me for the supermarket shops. This would have made my life so much easier for snacks and getting fresh produce for some healthy dinners. Bamboo plasters would definitely be on my list for my next trip, especially as I’ve seen so many on the ground among the sea rocks. With six of us travelling and doing hikes there were plenty of plasters being used which of course made me cringe every time.

A small and large Silicone zip lock bag by Kappi would have also saved my life a million times over. If you don’t use it for your shops they are great for storing food whilst on the move or even your make up whilst going through airport security. There have been times that we have ended up having to leave half an avocado as we didn’t have anywhere to store it on the road. We also ended up buying a giant tuppawear box which obviously you wouldn’t bring over from another country. The new large silicon zip lock bags would be awesome to bring with you and store food on the go. They’re light, yet durable and great for multi-purpose uses.

This way we can educate more people

Perfection isn’t always key!

No-ones perfect when it comes to being low-waste. Not even us here at Ethically So. but we can make a difference. We need to focus on lots of people making small changes rather than one person being 100%. This way we can educate more people and over time we can try more and more each day to cut down on products that make a difference and don’t damager us, our planet/ocean or our animals.

Love Annie

FOUNDER | Ethically So.



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